Our Mission

Let's Start with the Definition

Strong Sunflower definition:

"Someone that conditions their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength to use their voice and actions to improve their life and advocate for the people around them." 

We are on a mission to help every woman live a whole-hearted life so they can advocate for themselves and others. Often through out childhood, we didn't have someone in our field, rooting us on. We didn't always have people ready in the wing to share perspective and courage to be resilient when the going got tough.

We felt we had to prove ourselves, when in all honesty, we just needed to improve ourselves. 

Are you looking for a growth mindset? Our community offers podcasts, e-courses, events, coaching, and merchandise to create a space where growth is expected. Failure is encouraged. Raw, honest, real conversation is had. 

Our field, is your field.