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The Strong Sunflowers

Where you develop a growth mindset to advocate for yourself and others

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Getting to Know Gisselle

G is an Afro Latina, wanderlust, Scorpio, world traveler, future doctor who loves to spice up her life and so much more.

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Getting to Know G&Z

G&Z are here to help you build to your bloom. Their mission is to help women develop a growth mindset to achieve their goals, so they can advocate for themselves and for others.

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Getting to Know Zana

Zana is a wife, mama of 4, advocate for all, people leader, grad student, Austin Mom Blogger, and so much more.

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We're Rooting for You

Life has it's ups and downs. You need a field of people in your corner that will listen yet hold you accountable to achieve the vision of your life. G&Z are here to help you live your very best life!

From the time I was young, my favorite flowers have always been sunflowers. I love how these girls tie in the cycle of a sunflower to where we are in different areas of our lives. Great analogy!"

Recent Podcast Listener

These women are amazing and their stories are even better!"

Lorenzo Flores, Co-host of The Hacking your Leadership Podcast

These women are such sweet spirited individuals! It is so fantastic to hear such positivity each week-along with ways to grow stronger each day!"

Kristie Greenberg, Co-host on the Red & Green Podcast