Getting to Know G 🦋

A Little Bit About "G"

Como estamos familia, my name is Gisselle Herrera, but you can call me G. I am a traveler, a lover of adventure, coconut ice-cream connoisseur and podcast host working to inspire individuals to live an AUTHENTIC life, a life they’re proud of. 

Growing up in Havana, Cuba, I had to learn quick. By the time I left the Island I was 6 going on 12. Always independent and resourceful due to my environment. I became aware that I had to teach myself and have my own back. 

Finding my Bloom has not always been easy, just like a sunflower field, each part of life is at a different stage. Some are stemming, blooming, others are simply waiting to be planted.

"I was Broken. Being strong all the time makes you numb to broken glass. My life was crumbling and I was faking my way through everything, my marriage, my education, church. I was spiritually on EMPTY, teaching others on sunday to trust God, to Love God , to have HOPE. What hope did I have ? I felt stuck, quick sand."

 colombia coloful

My LIFE became mine, after I lost myself in knowledge, in learning, in books like “The Fourth Agreement” & “The Secret” .

This mind shift changed my life. 

Fast forward, my alter ego “Big G” was born. Confident, unapologetic, beautifully, ME.

As a co-owner of The Strong Sunflowers, my mission is to help everyone live authentic lives. For YOU to stand up for yourself, even when it’s hard, even when the odds are against you, even when it’s to your scary boss. YOU are the CEO of your life, take charge.