Be Our Guest

Z and G sitting in front of a brick house, holding a bouquet of sunflowers, laughing

About the Podcast

Our podcast is a platform to host honest, raw, and real conversations about unique growth journeys. Each and everyone of us has had moments of incremental growth (the roots and stem) and over-joyous moments when we achieved our goals and dreams (the bloom). G & Z love to invite guests on the podcast to give insight on how they pushed through the stem to achieve their bloom moment.

We have two guest series that you can participate in.

They are:
1. Building to Bloom
2. The Strong Sunflower Spotlight

Building to Bloom

These episodes are 30-45 minutes long. You'll kick off with an introduction and then we'll dissect your story in the phases of a Strong Sunflower, from the seeds and roots to the bloom and harvest where you're mentoring and helping others on their journey.

The Strong Sunflower Spotlight

In this episode we take 15-20 minutes to let the world hear who you are, what you're working on, and how our field can support you!

Contact Us

If either of these episode styles interest you, we'd love to have you share your contact details below or email us directly at Please explain which episode you're interested in recording and why you think your story shows how your a Strong Ass Sunflower. 

We cannot wait to have you in our field. 

Z and G sitting in front of brick house. Smelling bouquet of sunflowers