5 Phases to Become a Strong Sunflower

When I became a mom in 2011, I sensed society expected me to neglect myself and become the supporting actress in others’ lives. I experienced postpartum depression after the birth of my second son in 2015. I lost my identity. I said yes to my employer, church community, and kids’ school functions. What I was saying no to was myself. I was a shell of a person and sunk into a pit of despair.

Zana in the center, pregnant with her second son. Her husband embracing her and her first born kissing her belly.

Where was the girl that traveled the world? Where was the girl that went skydiving? Where was the girl that cheered competitively for Hawaii Pacific University? Where was the girl that auditioned and sang for anyone that would listen? Where was the girl that married her Uruguayan 90-day fiancé before it was cool? That learned Spanish fluently in 18-months and tested out of her university? That loved attending theatre and concerts? I was living someone else’s dream. Though I loved snuggling my babies and watching Blippi, I knew I wasn’t tapping into the best of me. I had a fixed mindset and felt stuck.

Zana standing in flamingo fashion, holding an ukulele, and smiling from ear to ear.

“Then I found out I was pregnant with identical twin girls in late 2017.”

Zana and her family walking holding hands
The cover of The Strong Sunflowers podcast. Zana and Gisselle holding bouquets of Sunflowers smiling.